Digital Print – What Are Its Advantages?

Digital print is a modern method of printing whereby a digital image can be transferred onto a wide variety of surfaces. Now offered by many professional printers London and elsewhere, it is particularly advantageous to domestic users and small business owners, because it provides a far better print quality than can be achieved at home or in the office without investment in expensive machinery. It can also be utilised for smaller print runs and is faster than older, traditional methods of offset printing. Finally, it’s more versatile, as changes to images can be made quickly and inexpensively throughout the process, in contrast to other types of printing.

How Do Digital Print Services London Compare With Other Methods?

Traditionally, large-scale publishers have used offset printing. To briefly summarise the process, a plate for each page is prepared with text and pictures and inked to transfer the image to a surface such as paper. This creates a high-quality image that can be replicated countless times with no loss of clarity and in a highly cost-efficient way. At one time, it was believed that this method could not be bettered; but now the development of digital print is beginning to revolutionise the lives of more than just home and business users. Industries that routinely provide printed media such as books, magazines, and newspapers have all seen massive changes to the way they operate as digital print shop London and beyond combines with the growth of the Internet and electronic publishing. Manufacturers of the new digital printing technologies have come on leaps and bounds, able to produce machinery, such as high-speed inkjet web presses, which offer a better quality of print, faster, more efficiently, and more economically than ever before. While it’s likely that the old offset printing methods will never be completely replaced, publishers see the future as a blend, combining large-scale, generic print runs from offset printing with the opportunities offered by digital printing to personalise particular editions, adverts, and one-off mailings for specific target markets. What does this mean for your business? Simply that, no matter what your industry or company size, professional digital printing services London are able to invest in equipment that will offer you all the advantages with less cost.

Does Online Marketing Render Printing Services London Obsolete?

As more and more companies take advantage of the ubiquity of technology to pursue digital marketing campaigns, you could be forgiven for thinking that print, as we know it, is dying a death. Despite its advantages over older methods of printing, digital print might still seem an expensive alternative to an email campaign, for example, which can be sent virtually to thousands at the touch of a button. Au contraire. This shift in trend means many are facing Internet overload, and it’s all too easy to ignore the barrage of online marketing messages that hit most PC users every day. A tangible hard-copy flyer or mailshot, well-designed to attract attention and printed by a good quality, digital print London will stand out when it drops through the letterbox. Moreover, when it comes to face-to-face meetings, the business card will never go out of fashion. Don’t be led into thinking that digital printers in London are limited to using paper materials, either. The beauty of new digital printing methods is that images and text can now be transferred effortlessly and cost-efficiently onto a range of surfaces, such as durable PVC and all manner of promotional goods. No Facebook or LinkedIn page is ever going to visually introduce and represent your company at a conference or exhibition – you need promotional materials such as roller banners and display stands to do that. Done right, those images will linger longer in your potential customer’s desk; long after an email has been consigned to the recycling bin.

Digital Printpal, The Quality Printers in London

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