Business Card Printing London – Fast And Effective Way To Give Your Business A Lift

Business card printing London is something that can be overlooked in this digital age, when so many of our interactions now take place online. However, the importance of face-to-face networking and meetings cannot be underestimated when it comes to promoting your business effectively. Leaving a lasting reminder of your conversation and those all-important contact details by handing over a striking business card is critical. Always invest in the best quality of business cards you can afford and take advantage of professional and fast printers London if you need to create the right impact on potential customers and useful contacts alike.

Invest In Quality – Use A Professional Printers In London

Never, ever be tempted to produce your own business cards at home, unless you have invested in highly expensive printing equipment. It really is a false economy. One of the main purposes of a contact card such as this is to create a great first impression of you and your business, and a shabby, poorly printed card will not cut it. This is why it’s essential that you choose the right company to 24 hour printing London and ask to see samples. Before you commit yourself financially, consider whether you would be impressed to receive a card of this type and quality. The standard size of a business card is 3.5” x 2”. Some companies opt to stand out from the crowd by producing a die-cut shape, such as a guitar for a music shop or a birthday cake for a confectionery business. Don’t underestimate the convenience factor, though. What a conventionally sized card may lack in visual impact, it will make up for in user-friendliness as it can easily be tucked into someone’s wallet. Potentially, therefore, it could be retained longer than a fancy card that gets bent out of shape. Keep fonts simple – don’t use more than one or two; and ask the account manager at your business card printing London company to recommend fonts that are clear and easy to read, such as Helvetica or Times New Roman. The art of getting noticed is to communicate clearly and simply, and anything that detracts from your message is counter-productive.

Prepare Before You Commission Cards From A Printers London

To avoid expensive mistakes, think hard about the information you need to include before you order thousands of cards from your business card printers London. The best advice is to keep your template as simple and clutter-free as possible while retaining the essentials. One good tip is to consider what information you usually look for on a contact’s card. Of course, it goes without saying that a name and contact details are a must. A company logo will help with branding and identification, as well as providing a visual image that can help your business stand out. Other than that, what else do you need? Remember that a business card has two sides. How you choose to use the reverse is up to you. Some people prefer to keep it blank – this allows the recipient to make any personal notes, such as the date of your meeting or ideas about how they can use your business. Others wish to optimise the impact of the card by including their company’s mission statement or a list of services provided. Whatever you decide, it is worth bearing in mind that cards are usually stored in cardholders face-up; so don’t rely on the reverse for the inclusion of important information. If you or your business fulfils a lot of different roles, why not consider having multiple cards? These days, business card printing in London can be acquired relatively cheaply, so it won’t break the bank, and you can tailor your messages to the audience by having separate cards for different stakeholders.

Need Cards Fast? Get 24 Hour Printing London From Digital Printpal

Now you’re all fired up to get your hands on some impressive business cards, the next step is to find the right London business card printing company to fulfil your order. Why pay a visit to website at We’ve been supporting companies by supplying a high-quality business card printing London service since 2007. With thousands of satisfied customers, our reputation as a top printers London speaks for itself. Talk to us today on 020 8343 0099 or use the online contact form to discuss your requirements. At Digital Printpal, we are always delighted to help you win new business.